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Mauricio and Jorge

Seville, Spain, 2002—

Mauricio spoke English. Jorge, his assistant manager at Restaurante Mex Rock, spoke English, but not as well as Mauricio.

Mauricio hired me when I didn't speak Spanish. He did right for me in that way; and I can't deny it.

Carmen, an Argentinian friend of mine from Cafe Levies, had worked for Mauricio, and called him "un explotador." And that was true.

Jorge was a very friendly Sevillano who did Mauricio's bidding, and watched to make sure of such details as that everyone stayed busy and didn't eat on the job. Juana, a fellow cook, called Jorge "pelota" which means "ball." She did an imitation of tennis, and a "pop" sound with it. She also called him "Smithers," ("Smeever,") to Mauricio's "Mr. Burns" ("Señor Ban.")

Eugenia, another cook, called him "Jorge de la Selba," (or "George of the jungle,") but affectionately, and for no particular reason.

—I worked at el restaurante Mex Rock for a few months in the Spring of 2001.