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Brandon Mayfield released

21 May, 2004—

Brandon Mayfield, a lawyer from Portland Oregon, was just released after two weeks' stay in Multnomah County jail.

His fingerprints were similar to those on a bag in a van that contained detonators similar to those used in the March 11 Madrid train bombing.

He was arrested and held — without charges — under a 1984 material-witness statute.

Mayfield once represented* a man who was later convicted of conspiring to go help the Taliban.

And, he's Muslim.

The logic being:
What are the chances that a Muslim with a 2nd degree connection with the Taliban would have a fingerprint that would match up with physical evidence that is material to a case of mass terrorism suspected to be Al Quaeda?

But in reality:
The fingerprint matched up less completely. "Not at all" is the scientific term.

Mayfield thanked God upon his release.

His brother was not so pious.*

His mother always said that Brandon is no terrorist. Well, she would, wouldn't she?

The only reason Mayfield was released is that Spanish police say they've identified the guy whose fingerprint is on the bag.


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*Lawyers do represent people, some of whom committed or will proceed to commit crimes.

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Mayfield's brother Kent said the case was a 'witch hunt' and that U.S. agents never produced any additional evidence linking Brandon Mayfield to the Madrid bombings.

"'For someone who was incarcerated for never committing a crime, I guess he was treated all right. He was treated just like any other criminal,' Kent Mayfield told Reuters by telephone, noting his brother had been kept in a jail cell since his arrest." — Reuters

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