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The online menstrual calendar for men

"My belief is that PMS is actually a period of absolute clarity seen and discarded as hysterical by most women and men. ..."

— Deb, in my guestbook

There are times when you have to be more careful with a woman. It's not her fault, and it's not yours — nobody made it that way.

A woman's mood can change during menstruation. Some would consider this an understatement.

You can get buried, covered in rubble, feeling pretty stupid, before it finally occurs to you — she's becoming menstrual.

Or maybe she even has to tell you.

In 2004 I was living with a Dutch girl in a tiny room when I "invented" the Menstrual Calendar for Men. When I showed her this page, she said "you're really dumb." By "dumb" I think she meant "amusing." You know those Dutch people....

You may need an organizational tool for this monthly experience.

Enter the date[s]. The more the better — two are better than one, three a little better than two....

With only one menstruation date, the default "clock" will be set at 28 days.

Then, every month — that's lunar month,* you dick — you'll know... it's time.

Be good to her.


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* There seems to be no evidence that the average length of the human reproductive cycle is organically calibrated to the Earth-orbit period of the moon.

The menstrual frequencies of mammals vary widely, and the similarity of timing of the menstruation period of the only species that is known to consciously observe the phases of the Moon appears to be coincidental.

Some women do tend to have their menses during the full moon, though....

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