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News while I was in Holland, late October - early November 2007

I was in The Netherlands for a few days at the end of October and the beginning of November 2007. These are a few stories that were in the newspapers during that time.

• The Christian Democrat party wants to put a polder in the North Sea....

• Amsterdam police say that squatters set a trap for them. They claimed that perpetrators arranged a deadly setup that would cause the roof to collapse upon removal of a beam. Why the officers would have been expected to remove the beam was not stated. A police officer said that this was evidence of the "hardening" of the squatters' movement.

A squatter, quoted on authority of his knowledge of the movement, said that this story was nonsense, and that it was an attempt by the police to fabricate some justification for stronger actions against squatters.

• A new law prohibits bicyclists from wearing lights on their bodies, and defines proper equipment as white light in front, red in back, on the frame of the bicycle itself.

There was discussion about how (and whether) police were going to enforce the law. In the Gelderland province, the regional police authority said that they'd allow individual officers to make the decision.