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Dutch beer is poison.

No more Dutch beer for me.

It's another wonder of the variety of cultures in Europe that Holland serves beer of such poor quality. Belgium, bordering to the south, is renowned* for the quality and selection of its beer.

I don't even know what it was that I drank last night that touched me off and gave me such a bad hangover today. I do know that I had (and only had) four Belgian trappist beers and three glasses of Dutch beer. One was a Grolsch—and I've never had any problems with Grolsch. That was at the café where I work. After the four bottles of Belgian, I decided to go out for a bit, and I had two glasses of the house beer at Café Kluizenaar.

That was not a great quantity of beer within the space of an evening. I've lived in Ireland. The Belgian I had, Westmalle Trappist, is a dark and rich beer, and fairly tasty — strong, yes, (7%) but not poison.

That Dutch beer is poison.

  — December 2004, Nijmegen

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*Michael Jackson (the "beer hunter," not the entertainer) wrote of Belgium: "No other country... has among its native styles of beer such diversity, individuality, idiosyncrasy and colour."

Belgium is a tiny nation, and produces the greatest variety of beers.

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