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No reason for invading Iraq, 2003

From Autumn 2003 —

Well, nobody says anymore that America went to war because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And nobody can claim, in any kind of a glib fashion, that the ends now justify the means, now that Iraq is liberated. Iraq is in ruins — not liberated.

But then again, the term "liberated" always was a tool, a rather blunt brute instrument to turn thoughts away from an alternate point of view.

I didn't sense much opposition, dissent, or discussion coming out of the United States during the preparation for and prosecution of war. It always seemed to me that almost everybody was ignoring the elephant in the kitchen.

The Bush administration never told the American public, much less the rest of the world, what the American military was doing, going into Iraq. Nobody knows now. The matter is subject to conspiratorial theories. But that seems just because there was really no reason at all. Not for going to Iraq, not right then.

And so?.... And so what? Nothing; that's it. That's all.

—8 September 03