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Missile offense, Enron, and the dollar

A News mosaic from June 2002

Missile defense

The Pentagon is going to merge the functions of missile defense and missile offense.

Well, no shit, Sherlock....

Worldcom et al

WorldCom had been cooking their books, to the tune of $3.8 billion US. This week, they got caught, and their valuation essentially disappeared zip down the pinhole wormscrew spiral draintube. Their auditor had been Arthur Andersen LLC, for what that's worth—that company had presided over books with Enron, whose financial machinations were of an otherworldly complexity.

Enron just collapsed a few months ago. Enron, huge financial donor to the Bush candidacy. Enron was a large energy-trading company[...] whispers of complicity in running waves of electricity "brownouts" and blackouts in the state of California a few years ago. Enron, of the elaborate computer-program-like scams running money around in new and exciting ways, using laws [...] ad hoc, [...]patchwork networks, different transactions managed by different entities, offices performed in different jurisdictions--just to start with. That's before it gets complicated.

Yesterday, Xerox restated some of its finances — billions. The figure is in dispute between some American newspaper and the company spokesperson. Said spokesperson played down this issue, that it's not like WorldCom (Jesus, there's a business motto.) It was just a rearrangement, spokesperson said. They hadn't sold that value of equipment, as they'd first stated; they'd sold that value of this, that, and the other thing. Dodgy, at best. Sketchy, as we say.

The dollar

The dollar's come down to parity with the Euro. Or damn near it. It was quoted at something like 99.97 Euro to the dollar, from yesterday evening. Capitalize Euro, or not? Hm. (funny question; I mean, orthographically, not financially.) I don't capitalize "dollar;" but then, "Euro" is based upon the already-capitalized "Europe," and "dollar" is based on fuck-all, word-wise. Uh. Gettin into some deep orthographic shit here, if you'll excuse my language and don't mind hitching up the hip-waders.

But enough of that.

Bigger fry to fish....

  —Summer 2002 Kilkenny Ireland