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Invasion 2003

Now that I have the internet at home....

February 2003 Kilkenny, Ireland —

Now that I have the internet* hooked up to a computer at home, I don't know what I want to write.

The world has changed so much, and is becoming such a different place; that's one thing. Colin Powell has become a good soldier again, and there is no serious dissent in higher U.S. offices.

Dissenting nations are assenting to Bush's plan for war — and it is a plan for war; always has been.

Having this capability in front of me, I don't know what I want to do with it.

Dissent of nations is crumbling, no doubt amid backroom deals and obviously under the brute gravity of the United States' power.

Certainly with this new capability for work, it's time to think. "What am I doing" is a reasonable concern. It shouldn't be paralytic, though, should it? It is.

Talk of war.

I can't claim to know the reasons America wants to fight a war in Iraq. It's oil, money, politics, empire. Seems like it. Just to paint an impression, broad strokes. The remarkable, obvious feature of the diplomatic face of the U.S. is the thinness of its pretense. Nobody pretends to have a legitimate reason; nobody asks.

It is as if the cynicism of politics has evolved. The barest minimum of deception—not even so much as a good cover story. Saddam is bad, weapons of mass destruction, liberate the Iraqi people.

Never saying we're going to war, just preparing for war if it should be necessary. Preparing, in a massive buildup that can hardly be turned back.

Last Saturday, people demonstrated across the globe in opposition to the proposed U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Bush is undeterred.

Ireland, an ostensibly neutral country, is allowing U.S. flights to stop at Shannon airport near Limerick City. The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, refuses to be drawn on the "hypothetical" question of Ireland's official position if the U.S. were to launch a strike in Iraq.

It's confounding how people fall for war, knowing that innocent people will die. That's a strange feature of human behavior, and one that surely provides a big clue to what we are. Who we are.

It was obvious that America would go to war, even before the nonstop TV replay of September 11th had ended. The twitch of smile on President Bush's face told it.

Why Iraq? Nobody knows. The lighting's better under the streetlamp—no matter you lost your keys in the back alley.

So It's war in Iraq.

Maybe that's simplistic.

One thing is sure — the link between Al-Qaida and Iraq is unproven. Nobody has even bothered to present the evidence.

No matter, the evidence. War is inevitable, seems to be the concensus. Maybe it's not. [Note: it was.]

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*From April of 2002 until January of 2003 I wrote at my apartment on Rose Inn Street and carried text on floppy-disk across the street to a cybercafe.

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