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Political elements of a visit to my native United States, spring 2007

In my brief springtime 2007 visit to the United States, (my first since leaving in May of 2000,) I heard a few opinions and had a few experiences with political implications.

The B&B Complex fire of September 2003 provided a stunning visual backdrop for George W. Bush's "forest management" policy speech in Redmond, Oregon....

"Halliburton is building concentration camps in America," somebody told me....

Amtrak is not a viable mode of transportation....

A couple of my friends have two disabled children. They inquired about governmental assistance — welfare. They learned that a citizen is entitled to five years of payments — in total, during one's life.

This means, of course — aside from the cruelty of a limitation that is not sensitive to necessities — that one must choose the period or periods when one most needs help — thus predicting the future.

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