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Selling conversation

Teaching English always seemed to me like prostitution, during the brief time that I did it in Seville.

I did not have any special training for the purpose. The "classes" that I gave were clases particulares in conversational English, wherein myself and one or two people would meet and we'd speak in the language. We'd have conversation, in English, and a student would give me money for that.

I would offer occasional suggestions about usage. And, I believe, my English is good. My international English is above average. I think I have a good ear, and I'm certainly interested in language.

I was getting 1500 pesetas per hour — about $7.50 at the time (the peseta has gone the way of the Dutch guilder and Irish pound -- the euro having supplanted it.)

That amount wasn't bad, there in Seville. I had earned 550 pesetas per hour, working as a cook at Restaurante Mex Rock.

1500 pesetas seemed like a lot of money to ask for just sitting and talking. I didn't really know if it did anybody enough good to be worth their money.

And it felt odd, accepting the money — as if I were charging for something that should be free.