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Sharing a room in Dublin

Summer 2001 —

There are a lot of jobs in Dublin. Itís a good thing, too, because you're going to need at least one. Dublin is mightily expensive, and especially so for the cost of housing.

It is customary in Dublin for people to share a bedroom. Strange, but true. Strange for me, anyhow. In practice, it worked out alright, for a while — as long as it had to. In concept, itís strange to me, that itís considered normal. But in Dublin, at least amongst hospitality workers, itís certainly not unusual.

Of course, the reason that people live this way in Dublin is that housing is in short supply. Dublin is not cheap anyhow, by any standard. Ireland is not cheap. The result of this formula is that a bedroom is expensive.

I was sharing a room with another fellow in a semi-seedy two-room Mountjoy Square flat. Two other guys were sharing the other room. We were each paying £70 IRL per week — about €89.

  • I lived in Dublin for about three months during the Summer of 2001.