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Summer 2002 —

I am writing on a computer in my flat and carrying files on disk to the internet café across the street, here in Kilkenny Ireland. I am still developing my methods — that's part of what I'm trying to do with this site.

I'm mostly interested in simple writing with the hypertext link. That's about it. That, and the relationships between pieces of writing.

Also, the idea of sharing is important. The work is important in its doing; that's fine, but without sharing it gets one going buggy. It's not good enough, if none of it is shared.

That doesn't mean all of this stuff ought to be seen by anybody but me — that's just the way it works out. It's just not possible for me to wrinkle out all the irons before anybody ever sees what I write. I do think I'm getting better at it; and now that several people visit my site daily, the self-consciousness is motivational.

The idea, for me, is to write pages, and to link them. Pages are almost all in progress. The way that pages are linked together can be quite provisional, and maybe especially so in the more-organized directory-type pages. This is not to mention the obvious gawking errors that come about either in spite of or because of my attentions; and I will just be embarrassed about these and I think that's fair. I'm trying.

The real structure of hypertext writing, I think, may come almost subconsciously, or at least intuitively. The real structure of web page writing — so goes my theory — is in the relationships betwixt documents connected by in-text, relevant links. I can't explain it. It's just a feeling. Call it a cowboy's gut.

I never said I wasn't experimenting....

— July-August 2002