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Singing Dubliners in a Kilkenny pub

Kilkenny Ireland, Autumn 2001 —

A few months after I wrote this page, Justin's pharmacist told him he'd read it.

At Syd Harkins' pub, a large group of people were singing songs and drinking. They had been at it for a bit — we'd gotten off work right about the time of last call.

I said "I like this song." They were on "Whiskey in the Jar."*

Justin, a co-worker, said "Yeah — they're Dubs." Dubliners. He predicted that pretty soon they would sing "Molly Malone." It wasn't ten minutes before J_ said "What did I tell you?" They were singing "Molly Malone."

We could see them down through an opening from the pool-table room, about a meter higher and in the back of the house. The group, about 20 folks, were singing loudly, clapping hands and hitting the table with their palms.

Around one-thirty, they all stood and sang the Irish national anthem. They finished their drinks and left.

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* "Whiskey in the Jar" is a traditional Dublin song, probably from the late 1700's.

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