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A stone thump, and a learned subconscious reaction

Some time in the mid-[20]00's, 8 City Wall Kilkenny Ireland

One of the large paving stones out on the entryway terrace does not sit flush, and when somebody steps on it, it rocks on an axis from corner-to-corner.

It beats against the concrete below — the concrete roof of the shopping center — and its thump goes throughout the concrete structure of the house.

The sound announces that somebody has reached the top of the stair and is upon the terrace which serves as the entryway for the three occupied apartments.

I've learned a subtle cringe when I hear that sound — a cringe that memorializes the people I've not wanted to hear coming home.

I realized later that it was only a walk on the path across the terrace toward our door that would make the big slab of concrete bump against the steel-reinforced industrial-strength (grocery store/shopping mall below) superstructure — and then tip back. In other words, the path to our door always tipped it — and since it was slightly heavier on the other side, it tipped back; ready again.
I recognized that the feeling I got when I heard that sound had no remaining useful function.

I got a bag of sand from beside the river. I dusted the sand back and forth along the cracks between the large concrete squares, letting it settle in while I teetered the tottering slab back and forth upon its axis of balance....

A bit of water...

Ah, the peace of a bit more quietude....

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