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The ratio shifted

8 City Wall, Kilkenny, circa 2008 —
I'd normally keep a place cleaner than I do this apartment, these days.

For a few years, I lived here with women. They tended, as women do, to help keep the place clean.

Then the ratio shifted. Two men and one woman. Then she left. And that was it. Since then, it's been men only. That will not likely change.

Of course, men generally think of housecleaning as women's work. The Irish — forget it. The Irish lads I've lived with seem literally unable to see a mess, because their mother cleaned up for them.

Anyhow. My point is — and it's a bad excuse, but a real explanation — I'm the only one who's willing to even pick up a sponge every now and then. That gets old, and I slack up.