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George W. Bush falls off his bicycle

And the Dutch think it's funny

25 May 2004, Nijmegen, The Netherlands —

Yesterday there was small note in De Gelderlander that George W. Bush had fallen from his mountain bike while riding on his ranch in Crawford Texas last Saturday.

President Bush wasn't hurt, but for a few scrapes, and the paper noted that he was man enough to ride a certain distance afterwards. (Dutch humor tends to be dry.)

Two people who work at my regular cafe were talking at the bar. They thought it was a funny story. The Dutch would think it's funny, for obvious reasons.

Who falls off a bicycle?

To be fair to Mr. Bush, the Dutch don't really understand the concept of "downhill." They know what it is, but haven't experienced it on a bicycle. The story went that Bush fell while negotiating a bit of terrain. There is not much terrain in the Netherlands.

I don't know how mountainous Texas is, either.