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The Netherlands

To CWI r.e. Dutch work permit

The following is my translation of the document that my employer sent to CWI, the Dutch employment agency, in response to their expressed intention to decline my application for a work permit.

22 August 2004, Nijmegen

C.W.I. [Centrum voor Werk en Inkomen]
Bureau Juridische Zaken
Kenmerk: AVR/315089

T.a.v. Mw. de Jong
22 Augustus 2004


The proposal for temporary work-permit under regulation EDWARDS, Steven Roy, born on 1 March 1964, of American nationality, for work as baker.

Dear Ms. de Jong,

Thank you for your speedy reaction, and I'm glad that you have been willing to spend a bit of thought on this difficult question. My business is very much in need of someone qualified for the position who can begin work soon. I understand that this work-permit is only valid for a half-year; still, I am at this moment very much "helped out of the fire."

I will continue trying to find a "priority-enjoying" job-seeker, and also my recruitment efforts to expand, and beside my own channels (such as bakkery trade publications) to seek further in the venues that you have recommended. The advertisements that I place will be broader than they have been up until now, and at the same time will appear in more places than they have so far. I am in accord with the conditions that you have placed before me, and wish to comply with requirements that issue from them.

I understand that the employer must duly attempt to fill the relevant position with job-seekers via schooling-or-training channels (internal and external.) Here I would like to make a couple of marginal comments. External training programs are non-existent in Europe, so this is not an option. An internal training program would in my circumstance mean that I would have to hire an unqualified person, of whose capacities I know nothing from the outset. Capacities such as: Ability to work long days, regular hours; ability to adjust independently to the work process on demand; [ability to factor] the weather the acidity of the sourdough, and the quality of the flour [in production of sourdough bread.] Furthermore, this person must have good people-skills and teaching capabilities. It is clear that I understand that I can offer a (partially) qualified candidate from the European Economic Region a training course, and will try to find this candidate from the earlier-named sources and channels.

Please inform me how I can best address the matter of this request for a temporary work-permit.

Bakker Arend