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Election? No trial by jury?

The word is that Americans this election are voting in fear. It's hard for me to believe that my countrymen are such cowards. The word — in the polls — is that George W. Bush is going to win, and it's hard to imagine Americans being so cruel and ignorant.

The George W. Bush administration started a war without a good reason, and that is a crime. If America does not feel that the criminals ought to be accountable, then something's very wrong.

Not that Kerry is great. Not that a two-party system is so great, for that matter. Fergodssake, a system that cannot even produce a man who's good enough for a few points' lead over Bush, — it's not a good system.

I wonder what has happened to the hero's journey of America. Individual freedom, leadership.... Equality? Democracy? The ideas are fading....

The rule of law....

And what about good sense?

If George W. Bush wins this election, we'll have to impeach him. That seems impractical.

— 30 October 2004, Nijmegen The Netherlands