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Bible truth in a page

The truth in the
Holy Bible could probably fit on one page.

To start with, the book[s] is/are 90% fluff and nonsense.* This is obviously true of such crap as the genealogies; but also just as true of most of the spiritual instruction.

The Bible is dull, and bulging with absurdities that bear little relevance.

Much of the Bible is composed of misconception untrue, but not maliciously untrue.

The Bible is a thin book, once you cut out the fat and fluff.

For that matter, you'd think somebody would have noticed Jesus at some point in his eventful life — but that's another story.

Cut out the lies and fantasies, and you could just about fold it up and fly it across the room.

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* Many books are mostly useless, but The Holy Bible deserves a particular scrutiny.

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