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Verwerken — a Dutch word

Verwerken is a good Dutch word.

English for the Dutch

Tips voor Nederlanders over een paar Engelstaalige woorden....

A verb, it conveys in a positive way an activity that anglophones appear to dismiss.

The translation might be "to work [something] out in [one's] mind." But the distinction, in English, is thin between "working it out" and "thinking too much."

"Processing" might be the closest approximation — but that sounds like a therapy session.

"Contemplation" and "meditation" are more intellectual, and religious.

Worry.* "Fretting."

The activity of working out how to feel isn't really favored in the English-language description of it.

To think — to make it fit. In Dutch, it's more natural.



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* Even "worrying" is different in Nederlands. Zorgen (the noun) means "worries," but [to] zorg [for] something is to look after it, care for it (or somebody.)

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