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No weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

19 April, 2003 —

There were "nuances" in the discussions around UN Resolution 1441 that later developed into "chasms."


The justification for war was to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. The major part of the ground war is over now, and still no weapons of mass destruction.

United States troops are looking for weapons of mass destruction in postwar Iraq.

They're out looking for weapons the way O.J. is out looking for his wife's killer. They're playing golf.

Looking for weapons of mass destruction. The idea is as absurd as anything, and impossible to satirize.

That was what they went to war for in the first place — weapons of mass destruction.

I'll never forget the image from a couple of months ago, an inspector looking into the hole at the top of a hollow 4-inch-diameter artillery shell. It might have been developed for delivering a chemical weapon agent.

It might have.

You don't even send someone to jail for that kind of evidence. And you don't bomb and shoot people of no relevance to the case. You don't kill civilians, anyway. Bombing cities is horrific, and it can't be justifiable. "Out of proportion" to the facts of the case is a quibble, now, because many people died doing nothing but going about their lives.

So what do you say? America went to war because some people wanted it to. The others didn't stop them.

— 19 April, 2003