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What part of America are you from?

An Irish conversational adaptation

Hey Eejit .. how dare you speak about irish people in such a way, as an insider i can tell you nobody really cares what part of the empire you come from, they are just making conversation but as usual you have to over cook it. silly boy.

— Liamo, from my guestbook.

The Irish ask U.S. nationals "what part of America are you from?"

They already know that you're from America.

If they ask you where you're from, you're probably going to say "America;" — and they'll just have to ask which part. It's more effective to compress those two questions.

This is the competence of the Irish ear to recognize an American accent.

Competent and confident — any attempt at guessing nationality is risky — nobody would want to guess an Irish accent as English, for example.

But there's no worry about that. The Irish *know* you're American.