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Why would a universe favor life? ...

It's possible that universes evolve — that ours is one of many.

Possibly, universes are born, live, die — and "reproduce."

There may be reasons that a given universe would be more likely to propagate.

... Then the question may become "why us? ..."

Why organic, busy, teeming life? ... Indeed, the organisms that have been on planet Earth for more than 3.5 billion years do make life seem inevitable, within compatible environments.

But why? ... Or, closely related, "how? ..."

How could a system of natural progression — whether random or designed — lead against massive odds to a universe delicately suited for the organic forms who now ask these questions — and then what could be the mechanism or drive that would allow/require the growth and advancement of complex organisms? ...

Or, to be blunt "why would a universe favor life, and prefer it? ..."

The model of biological evolution shows that vestigial items are too expensive to retain.

Why then would a universe evolve with a tendency to develop forms of life? ... Life is expensive — it requires great energy in the organization of its complexity.

What could it be about life that contributes to the fitness of a universe? ...

... If that's what's happening.