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With all due respect....

The (supposed) proper way to address an Irish police officer

Note: I now consider this account more a relic of the storytelling of the source than a reliable fact. A Google search for the term in early 2015, for example, returns one result — the current page.

I later heard innumerable specious, credulous, or just plain untrue accounts from the same person.

An acquaintance told me that when addressing an Irish police officer (garda or guard) personally, one may speak freely if the statement incledes the preamble "with all due respect for the uniform...."

What follows the prescribed phrase is then, supposedly, immune from prosecution. If one is brought up on charges, that of slandering an officer will not be amongst them.

_ ___ _

This is an account, from the same person, of a scene in court:

The arresting guard said in his testimony that the accused had told him that, with all due respect for the uniform, he was a c*nt.

The judge dismissed the issue of abusive language... and added "he's not far wrong, either."

—June 2003

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