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It was on the 17th of June 2006 that I was at Liam's and we had the argument to which he referred in April 2009, calling me a "weak fuck."

I can date this because himself myself and Mick were there to watch Italy versus the United States in the World Cup.

Asian soccer times, Irish pub hours

Creative interpretations of legal code for 2002 World Cup...

I don't care about football, and in fact I hate it. Soccer, that is — I'm indifferent about American football, but I hate soccer.

On the 17th of June, according to Liam, I "attacked" him. And I probably did. I don't remember everything about that evening, and never did. I know that I left so I could go cry on my walk home, after overhearing Mick tell him he should just kick my arse out. I was coming down the stairs from taking a piss.

And I remember Liam insulting me for taking my website work seriously. It'll never be anything. And it isn't, still; I only get a few hundred visitors daily, for a total of about 1.2 million page-views between late 2004 and early 2015.

I probably said something unforgivable. I don't remember, and never did.

It's okay now. Liam's the only Irish person with whom I stay in regular contact, now.