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The Collapse of WTC 7 looks like a controlled demolition.

The video images of the collapse of World Trade Center 7 look exactly like evidence of a controlled demolition.

If the destruction of World Trade Center 7 was a professional job, then logic would extrapolate that the greater events of the day might have been prepared by a team of domestic professionals.

The reason that the implication is logical is that controlled demolition is a science of careful execution that involves extensive planning and thoughtful consideration of the physics of an individual structure. There is probably not a team of experts in the world who could plan and set the explosives that probably destroyed World Trade Center 7 during one business day the way that somebody appears to have set them over a longer period of time.

Danny Jowenko, The top demolition expert in The Netherlands, said in interview — on learning in-interview that WTC 7 had fallen on "the same day (as towers 1 and 2)" — "then they worked hard"*

That's the dry Dutch understatement. In any case, Mr. Jowenko made clear that in his opinion World Trade Center 7 fell by controlled demolition.

That opinion appears to stand without viable alternative.

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* Seeing the floorplan of the Salomon Building (WTC 7,) Jowenko did not rule out placement of effective charges within the timeframe specified.

He declared with certainty that the building fell by the work of professionals. He reaffirmed his insistence in at least one later interview.

But he did allow the possibility that workers could have accomplished a demolition such as that of WTC 7 within a single day:

"Als iets voert moet, mensen kunnen wel. [Als je] de juiste teams op de juiste plek heb..."

("If you have to do something, you can make it happen. If you have the right crew in the right place...)"

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