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Yellow — a dream synchrony

I was working at restaurant in Galway... a split shift, ten A.M. to eleven P.M. with a three-hour gap in the middle....

I hated it. I quit. I went to Kilkenny.

I had a funny short dream.

I was in a pub. A man was playing guitar.

He sang: "How can a guy be yellow* when he drinks like a fellow who is blue?"

  — Galway Ireland, September 2001

      *Yellow means "cowardly" in American slang.

I was in a real pub a night or two later, there in Galway where I stayed for a couple of weeks at summer's end 2001.

I was having a pint with some people from the hostel, a woman from Dublin and an African guy from Paris. I told them about the dream.

"That's the name of this song," she said. It was "Yellow" by Coldplay — the first time I heard it.