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February 2018 notes

- And they all just want to cheer me up by being people.

- I want to be alone. If I were alone, II wouldn't have to explain that, would I?

- stops by for a minute that seems like five and stays for ten.

A young Buddy Holly

- It always hurts to try.

- When I drink I drink every day, and att this time I don't want to make that commitment to anybody or any thing.

- Here in Central Oregon, people will drrill a hole in the side of your head with staring. They look like they've never seen a person before. Fast-food workers start with "how are you doing," and kiosk barristas ask "what are your plans for the day?" In the grocery store, men employees will lock onto you as you approach and ask if you're finding everything okay. Drivers pay strict attention to anybody who's on foot and will stop immediately, almost anywhere, when one looks at the road as if to cross.

I will say this: 96 divides better than does 100, with 11 factors to 100's 8.

I was really lucky this year, weather-wise. This is the tail end of a weird last-ditch effort by this winter -- a real bit of winter, but only for a couple of days. When the sun comes out as it always soon does, all of this will dry in a snap. Real snow in the earlier season is problematic here, but from here on moisture doesn't stick around long.