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January 2018 notes

Small building Being awake was so lonely this morning that I started crying.


-I met a guy in Oregon once who described himself as SHARP (Skinheads Against Racist Practices.) He was telling me about how he'd had a friend show him how to drive a locomotive -- because "you never know...." The only other time I saw him, he was missing an eye.


- Calm the-.. slow down.

- De ontwikkeling van de brisantgranaat leidde ertoe dat dee bouw van het Fort bij Abcoude van de Stelling van Amsterdam in 1885 werd stilgelegd om het ontwerp aan de explosieve kracht van deze nieuwe granaat te kunnen aanpassen. https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brisantgranaat

- Is Christy Moore's "North and South of the River" entirelly metaphorical? Is there any historical basis? middle borough the accused dublin 4 west brit weirdly coincidental that dublin and cork are both split neatly east-west by rivers that separate their centres into north and south. [The song describes danger that was real at a border, not a river.]


At basis the project is this:
I work in the contstruction industry
  boom time
I have the use of a pickup truck
Mom and Dad are getting old
I started stacking a little bit of lumber on site upper corner
I got an idea for a structure.


-Vietnam was the original "Freedom Fries." We weren't Frencch.