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A walk on Akerpolder, west metropolitan Amsterdam

11 December 2000 —

I lived in Amsterdam for seven months fom May of 2000, staying for six weeks on a houseboat before meeting a German fellow who needed to vacate a room in the west-metropolitan town of Osdorp.

In December of that year, I flew to Seville, Spain.

I walked along Akerpolder this evening, along the South and west sides of a section that the Dutch are filling with sand.

I flushed out three pheasants — two hens and a rooster. They ran down toward the canal that remains along the Southern edge of the polder.

The hens flew across the canal and the rooster trotted toward it. The action flushed a great blue heron, which flew along the canal a few hundred feet.

Another pheasant hen, on the other side of the grassy canal, chased a brown rabbit—I'm not making this up.

A sweet calico cat sat in the grass at the edge of the brick road where I walked.

A man was with his dog out in the middle of the polder section. The dog, a stoutish, strong, midsize animal, was digging in the sand with relish. Both paws and all its muscles.

I walked up to the far end and turned right, and went to the diagonal corner. I noticed how much the infilling has progressed. At least at that end, the layer of sand appears to be about 18 inches above the field level of the polder.

As I was returning on that path, a cargo ship passed me on the Ringvaart, a canal and shipping route. The canal, just on the other side of some small houseboat properties, is about head-height at water-level on the other side of the dike.

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