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Proposed addendum to U.S. military enlistment papers

A modest proposal for a cautionary note

Warning: You have chosen to let the United States government induct you into a branch of its armed services. As you perform your contractual duty, it is possible that you will fight in wars that some people won't like.

Some of your fellow citizens may be repulsed, and others angry, and still others sad, at the job you do. Some will be disgusted. Many people will have combinations of strong feelings. They're not all simple and stupid.

There will be people who cannot express in a simple way their support of you, the soldier who must endure vicious cruelty with intent to kill, and who must yourself be willing and able to kill other people. There will be others who oppose your participation in unnecessary wars.

It is quasi-obligatory in American anti-war rhetoric to support "our troops," but this may not pertain in all situations. Sometimes, people who oppose the wars you have agreed to fight will not understand that you will suffer if they don't apologize for their convictions.

This is a risk to which you agree as an inductee to the United States armed services.