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Spring 2003 —

It's obvious that when I wrote this page I did not consider the reality that many people have their own good reasons for entering the military. In some cases, the option might not have been optional.

And on we go, apologizing for anti-war sentiment, always backing up two steps to pay obeisance to "the troops," barreling headlong into world domination or World War III, thanks to the fighting efforts of an all-volunteer army.

Support our troops?

I don't want to apologize for my anti-war sentiment. I don't want to support the troops. I never had anything against the U.S. troops as individuals. I don't support the wars that America wants to fight. The United States armed services are an all-volunteer group of organizations. Every member chose to be there. I don't support the wars. Do I not support the troops? Well, then, I don't support the troops.

Dialogue in the American war-skeptical movement is pathetic. We're stuck. There is no escape from the traps that ignorant hawkish louts have us backed into. They may be stupider, but that's obviously working.

— April 2003