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Cowards in groups obsessed with their da's cock

I was walking to meet a friend of mine. It was 1 o'clock, which is lunchtime in Ireland.

I live here in Kilkenny near to CBS, the Christian Brothers School for teen boys. Gary was parked over by Saint Mary's Cathedral, on the other side of CBS via the shortest path between.

I lived over on the other side of CBS, for years, until August of 2009. During the time that I was there, I became the target of anonymous harrassment behind my back — filthy language of the most slanderous kind. It's a long story, one that hurts and angers me to think about. An amorphous group, the ignorance of crowds, the mistakes I made (possibly including non-violence,) the filthy sexual perversion undercurrent in the Irish psyche [and I'm sorry, my Irish friends, but that is part of the story.] ...

The other day, behind my back, whilst I was hurrying to go meet my friend, who was going to help me and I didn't want to be late nor to pay attention to any of the crowd of teen boys, I'm pretty sure I heard sexual insults behind my back from two different locations.

Three facts. 1.) I don't know what to do about this. It is an amorphous problem. 2.) I have to do something about it. My heart is full of hatred for these cockroaches, these filthy inbred little cowards, these anonymous fucks, these unwanted kids in a land where abortion is illegal — like I said, hatred. And, 3.) Well, there is no 3. The third fact is that I wish that the first two were not true.