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A page I didn't write

A friend of mine had a story in his head about a page that I had written several years before in which I had told specific details of a night out — a page that had gotten him into trouble — a page that I didn't write.

I think that she put the idea into his head. She knew of "mistakes" I'd made, writing about other people — and she knew of gossips that were no fault of mine at all... and she used these.

The first time he told me about it, she'd said that she had read where we had gone, what we had done, and how late we'd been out — and that I had used his real name. The second time, Paddy had seen the page himself, according to him. He implied that I'd written about us having a smoke.

I pressed him for details about the "page" that he had "seen." He had none.

I think that this woman had simply put the idea into his head. She's malicious.

I think that she'd either put an image into Paddy's brain by sheer dark-side power of influence... or she made a page that she was able to present to him as mine. That's easy to do, within the confines of one computer. But I doubt she bothered to do that. I think she just imposed upon him the shadow of her malevolence.

Maybe I'm wrong.

But I know that I didn't write any such page, and I know that she knew that.