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Thursday 14 June 2007 —

Two days before

I saw three lads, paying too much attention to me as I neared....

I was going down the steps when I saw the neighbor who lives across the terrace, talking to a group of five kids and holding his phone in his hand.

I said, in a loud voice, "alright," as they were stepping down off the stoop of the mosoleum to go away.

"Thanks, Stephen," I said as we passed each other. "I'll chase them the rest of the way out."


The next day

"I recognize you," I said...

Earlier in the day, I'd spoken with a couple of the guards who work inside the Market Cross Shopping Centre — I'd like to encourage the management there to take more responsibility for the area between the old city wall and the shopping complex, upon which my apartment is built.

The guards told me that they are currently unable to do anything outside of the actual shopping area.