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Recognizing a neighborhood troublemaker

15th June —

"I recognize you."


"I said I recognize ya."


I just nodded my head sideways and away, walking onward and leaving him to remember.


The day before

"Thanks.... I'll chase them the rest of the way out...."

About a week-and-a-half earlier, I was in the sitting room of my apartment, here in Kilkenny, in this out-of-the way neighborhood that is a popular hangout for the kids.

I'd been having some troubles with teen lads, in the last month or so — receiving taunts from groups of four or more (never from fewer, as it turns out — they're cowards.)

I went over to the window, hearing noise that sounded like trouble, for which I've developed an ear. The first kid who looked up and saw me watching down yelled "pervert" — their chosen epithet — and pulled his hoodie over his face lest I photograph him (which is where the whole business of the name-calling originated.)

I picked him out — this one, whom I just said I recognized — and I told him that I was going to make an example of him.

Not that I have a plan. Just intimidate him, I suppose, maybe find out his name, and those of his parents.