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Drug testing? You want my urine?

30 July 2012 —

The other evening, on the cusp of at least two aggravations, I drank myself stupid(er,) and sent an email to Deschutes Brewery r.e. their Craigslist ad seeking a baker, in which they specified that they require drug testing.

It was kind of a hate-mail, as I realized the next day when I got a response which notified me, for one thing, that I'd written it. The guy* suggested "It would be nice if you learned to articulate your feelings in a way that could be received to promote positive action."

So I gave it a shot. I explained a little bit about why I feel that urinalysis as a condition of employment is wrong.

Today I got a response, which said in part: "The idea of drug testing will be re-considered this year. I am planning on using parts of your 2nd email to present reasons to discontinue drug testing....so, you see you could make a difference!"

  * I found later that the "guy," a person of androgynous name, is a woman.