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"Don't speak to my child."

I went to a local grocery store. First, I had to pee.

When I came out, a woman and her two kids were taking the whole space between the customer restroom and the refrigerator door, blocking travel back to the shopping area.

I excused myself, talking directly to the oldest daughter, the one who was standing nearest me. The mother turned and told me not to speak to her kid.

I was in Erickson's yesterday and saw the manager for the first time since....

  — 20 June 2012

I told her that I felt sorry for her kids.

She answered me loudly, and persisted — frequently looking down the way to see who was paying attention to the show. She told me that her husband worked there. I told her I felt sorry for her husband.

I went and got my forty.

Then I decided that I'd better speak with management.

So I did. He understood.