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I have never quit smoking weed in Holland; nor have I ever quit drinking in Ireland.

I have quit drinking in Holland, twice, for more than two months. I have never "quit" smoking hash in Ireland; but I have abstained, have declined in the search, and however involuntarily have complicitly done without.

A friend has told me "you don't have an addictive personality." Maybe that's true. More likely not. Humans being what they are....

I drink a lot in Ireland. I smoked a bit in Holland; every day certainly.

I drank a bit there, too. Like I said, I quit over there a couple of times. Once in Amsterdam and once in Nijmegen, I stopped on the bottle for three or four months each time. (*I've lived in Holland for a total of about two years.)

Bottle, can, pint, glass -- beer is my drink.

Weed is my smoke. But you can't get that in Ireland. ({*?}The word is that back in the 70's varieties of smoke where coming into the country. [But I don't like to talk about smoke when I'm smoking.])

In Ireland, hashish is the smoke.

In four years, I have seen one small fit of spastic bejeebaulous good smoking weed. The tasty. But enough of that. Once. I've seen a few desperate intimations of weed, yes. Paheew. Choke poffhuh man dusty nasty cough. Spleh.

They know it themselves. Weed in Ireland is pathetic -- but they don't know how desperate, because generally speaking the Irish are not accustomed to the real smoke.

(Hash is great, and in its natural state hashish is fantastic. But your natural-state hash is potentially subjectible to numerous fakes and intersubstantiations, en route to you.

If that sounds like gibberish, that's because it is; but if it makes sense, that's because it does. Hashish is not an inspectible quantity, in the way that a real normal weed specimen is.