Easter Island

Culture and linguistics is Polynesian. DNA testing confirms.

Settled according to historo-linguistics [?] in AD 400. Archeology suggests 700 - 800.

Sweet potato comes from South America

Superb stonework walls resembling that of the Incas

Melanesian maritime people trading in obsidian ca. 5500 B.C.

Cite distances

"It sits in the South Pacific Ocean 2,300 miles west of South America, 2,500 miles southeast of Tahiti, 4,300 miles south of Hawaii, 3,700 miles north of Antarctica. The closest other inhabited island is 1,260 miles away - tiny Pitcairn Island where the mutineers of the H.M.S. Bounty settled in 1790."


Carolinian navigation

ocean swells

google search Marshall swells "stick charts"

The effect of small islands may be noticed for more than 20 miles in the Pacific swell


"Wave pattern navigation is based on the principle of reflection, deflection and refraction of waves" excellent. What I've sought


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