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The decline of basic usability of the Apple Macintosh

Every upgrade of computer technology brings a decrease in simple functionality.

I bought Snow Leopard, the Apple Macintosh 10.6 "improvement," because I'd need it so that I could use the "trackpad," which I saw as a workaround for their arrogant and idiotic omission of the "page-up" and "page-down" buttons on the iMac factory-issue keyboard. Plus, the trackpad was going to be cool, and customizable.

The iMac is crap....

I'm an ass to become excited about any technological upgrade. I've been here before. I was excited when I returned to Apple because I had to do so — Microsoft had upgraded from XP to Vista when my laptop imploded. I was disappointed to find that Apple made me miss XP even more.

The trackpad is insufficiently responsive, and I'm not using it right now.

So far, within two days, VLC Media Player and iTunes have both crashed once each. Quicksilver, a brilliant program that I used for launching and switching between programs with ease and speed, does not work post-10.5.

I miss the Mac Classic with the immensely customizable Microsoft Word 3.1 and Alessandro Montalcini's [macro program] "Keyquencer."

I'm beginning to miss my typewriter.