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Goodbye to Amsterdam

Amsterdam, December 2000 —

I said goodbye to Charmian. I didn't want to, and I had wondered if she wanted to go with me.

Ah, sweet friendship. It's not that she didn't want to go, or did want to go, or anything like that. It wasn't good to talk about it anymore, and so we didn't.

We met yesterday at Coffeeshop The Noon and rode the tram to her friend Grace's house. We took the wrong way at first, and as a result spent about an hour together on the tram. We spoke very little; it was comfortable and I have no words I regret not having said.

Tomorrow I'm going to fly to Seville. I don't know what to expect. I'm traveling, in a sense that I was not when I came to Amsterdam. I'm happy to be doing this. I was happy to come to Amsterdam, but this is something new. It feels good. I shouldn't try to pin it down more than that.

I have a return ticket to Amsterdam on the 30th of March, and may well pass back through here then, on the way to the West Coast. My roommate D_, another person I feel very lucky to have met, told me that I'd be welcome to stay at wherever he is then.

So, as it has turned out, I may have the seed of a plan. That's certainly good enough for now, and more than I had before I decided to "leap." And of course that's encouraging.

I'm going to have to search for accommodations, good food and a fine little cafe to start with. But I'll have my eyes open for a cybercafe. I'll find something decent pretty soon, I'll bet.