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Holy Thursday, 2002

A day in Ireland

March 2002 —

It's Holy Thursday, the day commemorating the day before three days before Easter. Which means the pubs are closing at 11:30 instead of the normal Thursday*-Saturday 12:30 — and that they're staying closed tomorrow.

A friend said once that Easter "celebrates the day that the great philosopher Jesus awoke from a coma."

Cool enough. I get Monday off, and get (partially) paid for it.

I won a CD on a radio call-in contest/drawing last night. Listening to "Lyric FM," a national classical-music station. They asked the question "who played Mozart in the movie "Amadeus?" I was just sitting there smoking a bit, and sipping on a beer. Kind of relaxing, like; doing some writing too. I knew the answer, so why the fuck not call.

Ironic to me because of what little opinion I have of classical music, Mozart bores the shit out of me. I actually notice it, and it turns out to be Mozart. Precocious little fucker. (The answer by the way is "Tom Hulce.")

I bought some white interior paint today from work, at a 15% discount. Gonna paint the apartment this weekend. Got some paintbrushes that I sort of stroked from Heaton's. Damaged packaging, you see.

— 28 March 2002, Kilkenny


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* Sometime between my departure from Kilkenny in August 2003 and my return in January 2005, the Thursday closing-time of Irish pubs changed from 12:30 to the normal weekday time of 11:30.

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