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The real Jesus

Jesus was a man who lived about 2000 years ago in what is now Israel.

Many people believe that he was the perfect man, the Son of God. The explanation is complicated, the subject of debate and scholarship for centuries.

The divinity of Jesus is the central idea of Christianity. To a believer, the belief is primary (especially within Protestant [and particularly within "evangelical" or "born-again"] sects. Explanation is not necessary, for the believer — but acceptable, if that explanation supports the belief.

It's possible that Jesus didn't exist....

Christians believe that Jesus is the savior of mankind, although — naturally — this is complicated. Who does he save? Do you have to believe? Do you only have to believe?

Theology, they call it.

The arguments disprove themselves in complications. Truth? Confusion.

Then there's the Bible, without even a consistent narrative.

And Jesus? A man. Maybe not "just a man," because he was some man, judging by his influence on human belief and actions. But he was a man.