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The last of a line

Human diaspora

Homo Sapiens is the last of the genus. Until just recently, there have been more than one hominid species living at the same time.

The Neanderthal coexisted with Homo Sapiens in Europe until about 30,000 years ago.

Floresians, a diminutive people, died off less than 20,000 years ago.

Peopling of the Americas

People seem to have migrated to America from very early, and to have traveled on routes alternate to the Bering Strait crossing....

Human rights

Human beings are going out of fashion....

Principles of civilization

Some modest propositions...

A part of nature

"Humans are the first species in the history of life to become a geological force" — E.O. Wilson....

Thirty thousand years

The Americas have evidence of human population from 30,000 years ago....

Hand axe

The tool of choice for a million years — and nobody knows its use....

Irish Travellers ancient

Against the wishes of the settled population....