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The core myth aside, it still matters whether or not Jesus existed

Okay, maybe it's not that big of a deal — goes one way of thinking — whether or not Jesus really even existed, given the assumption that he was not the Messiah.

What does it matter whether or not Jesus of Nazareth, carpenter and son of a Joseph and Mary, went about his business — if we're presuming that he was not the virgin-born savior of mankind?

But it does matter. Information can set people free.

It can make a difference. This is the savior of mankind, and as much ink as blood has been spilled — wasted — to defend the story that he lived, it certainly matters whether or not he did.

It matters that nobody wrote about Jesus during the time that he was supposedly alive. It matters that the odds that Jesus even existed are very low.

It matters that there is no rational, scientific basis for believing that Jesus existed. Even if one can accept that all of the fantastical stories attached to his name are not historical, the fact that the likelihood of his existence can be dispelled is important, in cases where the spectre of Christ was driven into peoples' minds from just after birth.

The story of Jesus is not a normal myth for those whose early lives were dominated by allegiance to the Bible as gospel truth.