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Out of Strictly Organic Coffee Company

Bend, Oregon —

Dismissal — a version of the story that I sent to an attorney...

There was no legal recourse.

An employer in Oregon may get rid of an employee "for any reason or no reason." That's the legal technical terminology — and without strong specific evidence of discrimination based upon identity (gender, age, ethnicity, etc.,) there was no case to be made for harrassment.

On Friday the 12th of December I told Stuart that Christina spends so much energy ignoring me that it's like she's paying attention.

Stuart went theatrical, and loud; and dominated the conversation, in front of customers and co-workers — and then apparently orchestrated a concensus about the event. Rhonda quoted some specific words that I hadn't said.

Paying attention — On Tuesday April 28, I saw Robert for the first time since I was fired last December. I stopped to ask him how he felt about the way that I was dismissed.

I worked on Monday, and it was unremarkable. Samantha took me outside and said that Christina was considering making a formal complaint, but I talked about that with Rhonda, and Rhonda said "what's she going to do, go to the state?"

Rhonda fired me on Tuesday morning. This whole thing with Christina has gotten out of hand, she said. Richard didn't say anything. He just sat there, when Rhonda looked to him for support — and I did, too. He asked me for the key as I was leaving.