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Bumped into me

Christina got me fired

Strictly Organic Coffee Company, Bend Oregon —

On 12 December 2014, I said to Stuart that Christina "spends so much energy ignoring me that it's like she's paying attention." Stuart went in to a high rage, flaunting his theatrical skills.

Later (Tuesday morning via Rhonda) I heard of corroborrated reports of other things that I had supposedly said. Rhonda said I'd used the words "fixated" and "connection." The former is implausible in any situation, and neither fits the context.


On the 15th, Samantha told me that Christina was talking about filing a formal complaint against me. For what? I don't know. I asked her why she cares so much. This was probably a mistake. It was (intentionally) reminiscent of the same early question posed of me when I was upset about her behavior.

I went home and cried for a couple of hours, then back to talk to Rhonda.

What's she going to do, go to the state? — asked Rhonda.


When I arrived at work on Tuesday the 16th, Richard and Rhonda were there. This thing with Christina has gotten out of hand, and we're going to have to let you go.


On Wednesday the 17th, desperate, I suggested to Rhonda that she meet with Christina and my cousin Jodie. I wrote to Jodie. Rhonda later suggested maybe Jodie call her. I'd mentioned that Jodie understands something about my emotional composition, and may help Rhonda, ergo Christina, to understand.

I talked with Kevin that evening. He suggested a simple non-engagement protocol. (When I suggested that to Rhonda the next day she seemed to think that we already pretty much had that [de facto.] Not really, I said.)


On Thursday the 18th, I asked Rhonda "what is the specific accusation." There isn't one, and Rhonda suggested we not press for one. I agreed. I also agreed that we don't need to compare written statements right now.

Talked with Kevin. Get a lawyer, he said.


On the morning of Friday the 19th, I asked Rhonda if she had tried to talk Christina down. Yeah, when this first happened — yeah, of course. She implied that she not been talking with Christina since then.

That evening, 8:02, she called me to say that they had decided to stick with their original decision. I was shocked, and I reiterated that I had not even been accused of anything. She said that since it sounded as if I had been drinking, it was probably not a good time to talk.