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Macabre dream

Wow. I had this macabre dream I just remembered. I was watching a video clip, though it was "full screen" as if I were there. I man on a motorcycle at a show on a platform dressed in white. All the other bikers raced off, to the viewer's right. He got jammed up. What happened. His hands, at least his right one, was stuck on the handle. His right foot was stuck on the pedal. The accelerator was stuck on and accelerating. His bike wasn't going, though. He began to spin doughnuts, the rear tire going faster and faster, smoking a bit. He was partly falling down, partly getting up. Commentator as if this was a newsreel viewing. Here he is in terrible pain. The guy stands the bike up, faces it back in the other direction. Voiceover: certainly an agonizing way to go. The biker jams into the white wall at back of the elevated speedway starting area. He disappears through the wall. View of a couple of spectators in startled disbelief, but not exactly shock. Almost humor. Makes me wonder later in the dream if it was faked.

—17 December 2003 Kilkenny Ireland