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Dreams and half-sleeping thoughts

• "...since it effectively didn't take any time, he didn't form any memories...."   — from an evening dream about the interchangeable nature of temporal and spatial reality. July 16, 2012

• Could not remember whether my flight had come in safely, so I knew that I must be falling asleep, and dreaming. — From a notebook, early 2001 Seville, Spain

• I dreamt of a time porter. He brought us a folded wave. You and I could spend hundreds of thousands of years ago this afternoon.

• I dreamt I figured out how to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch....

• I had a dream that I thought was a cheap cinematic fake of a dream, until I awoke. — November 2008, Kilkenny Ireland

Assimilate, differentiate — February 2004. Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Difference and Difference — a dream, and a strange correlation — May, 2006...

States of cells — June 2004, Dingle Ireland

Yellow and blue — Galway Ireland, September 2001

• I did an experiment with sleeping and dreaming — Amsterdam, December 2000

Property Crimes — ca. 1994, Eugene Oregon